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The highest blog in the world. This is the record to reach. Updating a blog directly from a mountain of 26.000 feet. Text, images, videos, created and published from 18.700 feet, up to try the magic " Hello World" from height of 26.906 on the summit of Cho Oyu, the sixth mountain on the planet earth.Tibet.

But the record is basically a likely story and a game. Read more...

Cho Oyu 2008 : Italian Expedition

At an altitude of 8.201 metres there is a point, between the earth and the sky, which is indicated on maps as Cho Oyu. It’s the sixth highest mountain on our small planet earth. "Cho Oyu 2008" is an Italian expedition which, between august and october 2008, will attempt to climb the more than 8 km of rock and snow in alpine style and without oxygen.

The decision to carry out the climb in alpine style and without using oxygen was taken because we wanted this to be a “bare hands” challenge to ourselves in the first instance, and in respect of the mountain in the second instance.

Even if the route is the easier “normal Austrian route”, we are aware that this confrontation with the high altitudes of Cho Oyu, for people like us who have different mountain and sports experience, will be difficult and will require a great amount of effort.

In any case we would like to our efforts, as well as those of our partners, to avoid the logic of attaining a result at all costs and with a minimum amount of effort. Instead we would like to experience it in a real and direct way.

We would like to create our own space; as opposed to the tendency of increasingly viewing things from a commercial point of view, we will try to achieve, in the manner in which we will carry out this experience, an objective in line with our ideal way of experiencing mountains, more than a mountain-sports result.