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The highest blog in the world. This is the record to reach. Updating a blog directly from a mountain of 26.000 feet. Text, images, videos, created and published from 18.700 feet, up to try the magic " Hello World" from height of 26.906 on the summit of Cho Oyu, the sixth mountain on the planet earth.Tibet.

But the record is basically a likely story and a game. Read more...


Cho Oyu 2008 - from Appennino Reggiano to Himalaya
Official site of the expedition to Mount Cho Oyu (26.906 ft) in Tibet.

Appennino Reggiano
My mountains.

Buddhist Child Home
The website of the orphan-asylum in Kathmandu. .

Ngima Sherma Pike Expedition
The Ngima Sherpa's small agency in Kathmandu.

Cho Oyu weather forecast
Himalaya weather forecast