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The highest blog in the world. This is the record to reach. Updating a blog directly from a mountain of 26.000 feet. Text, images, videos, created and published from 18.700 feet, up to try the magic " Hello World" from height of 26.906 on the summit of Cho Oyu, the sixth mountain on the planet earth.Tibet.

But the record is basically a likely story and a game. Read more...

The Butter of Singgumba

Published Monday 01 September 2008 by lorenzo --- ( first of all, we apologize for our english )
eeepc e modem satellitare
Singgumba is a beautiful lodge-farm in Lantang (3.290 meters).

The tibetan border is quite near, you can understand for the faces and the everyday life.

We are now use computer and satellite modem, near two people are making butter with their hands.

Maybe, two o three century of difference in five meters.


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