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The highest blog in the world. This is the record to reach. Updating a blog directly from a mountain of 26.000 feet. Text, images, videos, created and published from 18.700 feet, up to try the magic " Hello World" from height of 26.906 on the summit of Cho Oyu, the sixth mountain on the planet earth.Tibet.

But the record is basically a likely story and a game. Read more...

The time is coming

Published Monday 25 August 2008 by lorenzo --- ( first of all, we apologize for our english )
Even the little crazy-strange ideas, those that arise in trice (perhaps under the influence of hallucinogenic elements), then need time and space to grow and flourish.

Perhaps it's necessary more time and more space for crazy ideas that for absolutely brilliant projects.

And this of "the highest blog in the world" looks more like a crazy idea that a stroke of genius.

In any case, the countdown for the departure begins.

The scheduled plan is:

to start next August 28 from Malpensa for the classic Milan-Doha-Kathmandu.

Then, a little stop in Kathamndu in Nepal to fix some technical and logistical aspects and even humans (as it were).

Afterward we'll crossing the border with Tibet by land, with the days needed to acclimatise our body and our mind to live over 13.000 feet of altitude, where the air is thin. Very thin.

Later on we'll approach our first, real destination: the Advanced Base Camp of Cho Oyu, at an altitude of 18.700 feet.

That will be my home for a month.

A house made of tents, rocks, snow and yaks. (no Yeti, please)

From there, we will try to bring up, as high as possible, even the 'digital life', with:

- the highest "post" in the world.
- Skype, Twitter etc. in the sky, nearly at eight thousand metres.

Cross your fingers. Our is already crossed.

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